• CK Ashok Kumar

    CK Ashok Kumar   |   India

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    DAISY LEE   |   Malaysia

    Top Food trends in Vegan food category

    Daisy Lee brands herself as a Veganologist (Vegan Food Specialist) and has been continuously innovating and creating UNFIRED and VEGAN food since 2005.

    The Vegan Hot Sambal Dip (Shrimp and Oil-free) has been selected to represent on a state level in the Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2016. For 2017, Daisy has launched through the brand  neo-i, the 1st Vegan range of Malaysian vegan food collection of 100% real fruits and vegetables : Ready-to-eat relishes, exotic tropical fruit jams, nut butters, dips, dressing, seasonings and soup base pastes. A symphony of Asian’s classic aroma, fine flavours, texture and health.

    Through the years, Daisy has conducted numerous Vegan food workshops, presentations, food articles and recipes, being featured in national TV stations. She has participated with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, PPSEAWA(Pan Pacific South East Asia Women Assoc) Congress, 2016, amongst others.  

    Daisy was one of the Malaysian women nominated in Beauty & Health category (healthy lifestyle food) on National Women’s Day 2013. She can be contacted at : daisy@vivavegan2u.com / www.vivavegan2u.com / IG:Neoi_vegan / FB: Daisy’s Vegantreats.




  • Kuntal Joisher

    Kuntal Joisher   |   India

    Plant based deit in mountains

    Kuntal Joisher  is the first Indian Gujarati and vegan to stand on the very top of Mt. Everest, and the only Gujarati in the world to have climbed two 8000 meter mountains. He is also a respected photographer, and his work has been published in National Geographic, BBC Earth, Space.com, Himalayan Journal, The Outdoor Journal, and several other newspapers and magazines across the world. Winner of the Kutch Shakti, Kutch Ratna, and Kutch Kohinoor awards, he continues to train both mentally and physically to achieve his dream of climbing the fourteen tallest 8000-meter mountains in the world, and to become the first Indian to do so. In addition to his dedication to climbing, Joisher is passionate about two causes: raising awareness about the disease of Dementia, and spreading the message of veganism and vegetarianism.

  • Dr. Susianto Tseng

    Dr. Susianto Tseng   |   Indonesia


    Dr. Susianto Tseng Doctor in Nutrition, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (Summa Cum Laude) President of International Vegetarian Union (IVU) 2015-Now President of Asia Pacific Vegetarian Union (APVU) 2013-2015 Founder of South East Asia Vegetarian Union (SEAVU) 2007 Secretary General of Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS) President of Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI) President of International Tempe Foundation (ITF) Consultant for Perkin Elmer Singapore, Indonesia Rep Office Nutrition Consultant for Royal Progress Hospital Jakarta-Indonesia Speaker in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, India, Dubai, Australia, Germany, England, Spain, America Author for Healthy Vegetarian Diet, The Miracle of Vegan, Vegan Nutrition for Pregnancy, Vegan Nutrition for Children, The Miracle of Tempe, Vegan Is Easy Vegetarian since 1988 Vegan since 2006 BIODATA +62811996998 susianto@indosat.net.id www.ivu.org www.ivs-online.org www.vsi-online.org


  • Dr P Vythilingam    (APVU President 2016-2017).

    Dr P Vythilingam (APVU President 2016-2017).   |   Malaysia


    He is a Family Medical Practitioner based in Kuala Lumpur. He is a social worker and a vegetarian activist. He works closely with the Ministry of Health and Universities. And promoting Vegan diet to other vegetarian related NGOs.

  • Innes Park

    Innes Park   |   Australia

    Vegan diet

    Professor Innes Park, long term Australian vegan. He is also a media manager, cyclist, activist, freediver, natural hygienist, traveler, vice president and archivist for VegSoc of Australasia.Innes represents Australia at the International Vegetarian Union and SEAsia Vegetarian Congress.He can often be found in Asia and visits Nepal every year for yoga and adventure.